Giacomo Copiello

Giacomo Copiello

Giacomo Copiello is an Italian classical guitarist who graduated from the Conservatory of Vicenza under the guidance of Stefano Grondona and Laura Mondiello. Since the beginning of his studies, his musical research has focused on sound quality. Playing modern and historical classical guitars, he investigated the idea of discovering a sound that could go beyond the instrument. Transcribing new music for guitar turned out to be a natural continuation of this intention. In the same way, the 8-string Brahms Guitar came up as a powerful tool to continue this research. For several years Giacomo has been enlarging the repertoire of this particular instrument, arranging new music for it, and collaborating with contemporary composers.

New Music for Brahms Guitar

The research aims to expand the repertoire of the 8-string Brahms Guitar, a multi-stringed guitar where the extension is increased in both directions: one string below and one above the six traditional strings.

Despite its international success, we can find very few compositions published for it. As a result, this work aims to create a source of scores for musicians who are getting closer to the instrument.

The investigation will be conducted arranging pages taken from other instruments and collaborating with contemporary composers writing new music for it. The first output of this work is ‘Lieder’, a publication consisting of five volumes and a CD.