Reggie Lawrence

Reggie Lawrence

Reggie Lawrence is a musician based in the West Kent/ London area. Reggie’s introduction to music came from the Classical Guitar which proved to be integral to his future in music. After completing his Undergraduate Degree in Music and Master’s Degree in Classical Guitar Performance, both at The University of Hull, Reggie gravitated towards music education, focusing on teaching the ukulele and the guitar to primary school students. 

From this period Reggie informed himself of the established ways of teaching ukulele and guitar and found many approaches and resources to be obsolete. Consequently, Reggie has begun producing his own method for learning the ukulele and the guitar through a PhD project with Professor Stephen Goss and Dr Thomas Armstrong. It is Reggie’s hope that his method, ‘The jukeBox Method’, will inspire and encourage future students to purse music. 

The jukeBox Method aims to narrow the gap between the ukulele and the guitar, build musicianship from the beginning, and utilise the enjoyment and enrichment achievable through an education in music. The method integrates many elements of Kodály, Orff, Suzuki, and Sor. 

“Music belongs to everybody” 

– Zoltán Kodály


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